Publication List

  • X. Li, D. Zhang, M. Li and D. J. Lee. Accurate Head Pose Estimation Using Image Rectification and Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. (Accepted)
  • Z. Sun, D. J. Lee, D. Zhang and X. Li. Concurrent Two-factor Identity Verification Using Facial Identity and Facial Actions. SPIE Electronic Imaging, 2021
  • Z. Qian, A. E. Bowden, D. Zhang, J. Wan, W. Liu, X. Li, D. Baradoy and D. T. Fullwood. Inverse Piezoresistive Nanocomposite Sensors for Identifying Human Sitting Posture. Sensors, 2018
Xiao Li (Shaw)
Xiao Li (Shaw)
Ph.D. Student

My research interests include computer vision, human-computer interaction, 3D vision and programmable matter.